Why Happiness?

For kids in children’s hospitals, happiness empowers resilience and improves their ability to cope with challenges.

Happiness Matters

Happiness Matters

Happiness isn’t fleeting; it encompasses deeper contentment and satisfaction. It can help kids maintain a positive outlook and enhances resilience, especially because living with a serious illness can be challenging and unpredictable, even when in the best possible care.


Kids may experience angst as they put a hospital gown on for the first time, worried about their privacy or uncertain about what comes next. The fear of multiple pokes, stings, therapies, or procedures can lead to anxieties and insecurities. Or, they may feel lonely, unable to enjoy time with friends and family as they undergo treatment.

With the right programs and resources, we can transform the patient experience to provide comfort, support, and happiness. That’s why Starlight Children’s Foundation exists, and offers a range of programs to provide socialization, distraction, procedural support, and comfort to kids when they need it most.

When kids are happy, they are more motivated, focused and driven to pursue milestones and outcomes. That’s why we delivered happiness to more than 3 million children last year.

Our programs make a difference by:

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    Improving the physical and mental health of children.

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    Distracting kids from their illness and treatment and redirecting them to a positive experience.

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    Enabling children to manage their pain better.

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    Helping sick children feel happier, less isolated, and more in control.

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    Empowering kids to feel less anxious about being in the hospital.

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    Improving the treatment compliance of pediatric patients.

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    Strengthening the relationships between the child and family, friends, and medical staff.

Because happy kids heal faster.

Happiness Spreads

Happiness Spreads

When we share it with others, it amplifies and spreads, creating an environment where positivity and well-being can flourish.

Give with Confidence

We work hard to receive the highest grades possible for accountability and transparency across all not-for-profit rating organizations . Starlight has earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator for seven consecutive years, an achievement attained by only 13% of charities.​

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