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Delivering the comfort of home directly to hospitalized kids

Hospital stays, no matter the length, can be boring, stressful, and scary, especially when you’re not feeling well or alone.

Every year, Starlight Deliveries sends hundreds of thousands of books, toys, games, arts & crafts, and other items directly to hospitalized kids. Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners like Disney, Radio Flyer, WowWee, and others, we’re able to deliver these products at no cost to our network of more than 800 hospitals across the US.  

Each children's hospital is able to order exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, and in exactly the amount they want. Our custom, easy-to-use, and secure e-commerce platform makes it simple and fun to request Starlight Deliveries. 

"Your kindness is much appreciated. Bringing happiness to our pediatric patients through comfort gifts often reduces their fear of being in a medical environment and helps them be more receptive to necessary medical treatment. "

– Pat Kirkland, Manager, Family Support Services, Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Our Impact
2.6 million +

moments of happiness delivered in the form of crafts, books, toys, and other items

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Starlight Impact Story

Starlight Kid Genesis is a creative three-year-old with a lot of personality. She is battling leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy at Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center.

We first had the pleasure of meeting Genesis, who had been at the hospital for two months, when delivering backpacks full of arts and crafts to the kids at LAC+USC. Each backpack contained an arts and crafts project to decorate a visor. Genesis immediately began opening the stickers.

Activities like this keep boredom at bay and let kids just be kids - even in extraordinary circumstances.

Genesis, age 3, playing with arts and crafts delivered by Michaels (Michaels delivered nearly 30,000 of these backpacks to hospitalized kids across the nation)
Genesis, age 3, during chemotherapy playing with arts and crafts delivered through Starlight

Starlight Deliveries' Impact

  1. Play


    Playing with toys has a high therapeutic value and can help children learn and adapt to the hospital setting

  2. Normalization


    Access to books, toys, and games brings children closer to what is familiar and reconnects them to their home life

  3. Entertainment Illustration


    Toys, books, movies, and arts & crafts provide children a sense of relief from stressful situations through enjoyable, relaxing activities

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