Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising FAQs

Thank you for choosing to shine even brighter for hospitalized kids by fundraising to support Starlight programs! We could not fulfill our mission without you.

How do I fundraise for Starlight? 

We make it easy for you to get started. Create your online fundraising page by following these steps: 

  1. Visit this page and click “Start a Fundraiser.”  

  2. Choose “As an Individual.” 

  3. Create an account, or sign in if you’ve fundraised with us before. 

  4. Complete all requested fields, set your goal, and finish setting up your page. 

  5. Begin customizing! You can update your page’s profile and cover photos, share your story of why you’re supporting Starlight’s mission, and add custom images to the page.  

Remember to save your login information and bookmark your fundraising page so you can share it with your community! 

How do I fundraise with a team? 

You can shine even brighter as a team, whether you’re fundraising towards a collective goal, individual goals, or even competing against each other. It’s all for the kids! When you create your fundraising page following the steps above, choose “Create a Team” instead of “As an Individual,” then proceed with the process.  

Once your team page is created, individual team members can join to create their own fundraising pages to support your team. When donations are made to these pages, they will ladder up to a combined total on your team page! 

Do I have to create an online fundraising page? 

No, you are welcome to create a Facebook Fundraiser, accept cash donations and make a single online gift, or whatever other method you prefer. There are many ways to give to Starlight if you’d simply like to invite people to make a donation!  

I’m not sure how to fundraise. Where do I start? 

Starlight is all about making kids smile, so we encourage you to root your fundraising in something that will bring you as much joy as the children you’re supporting. Maybe you love to bake or host dinner parties. Or perhaps you love cosplay, painting, music, or just spending time outside. You might be part of a book club or tight-knit gym community that loves to give back. Simply look to the things, places, and people you love for inspiration! 

I’m struggling to get donations to my fundraiser. What do I do? 

Make sure that you’re sharing your page on social media and directly with friends and family! The more you personalize your page, the more likely others will want to join your cause.  

To take things up a notch, you can encourage donations by including a thank you gift, like a small homemade gift or even a raffle ticket to win a cool prize. Get creative — what would make your community excited to donate?  

Whatever you decide to do, remember to share the impact their donation will have on children facing hospitalization. Every dollar helps a kid experience a moment of joy that provides relief through feelings of stress and discomfort! 

I’m really proud of my fundraiser and want to share my story. How do I do that? 

We can’t wait to hear more! Email us at and let us know how you decided to deliver happiness.  

What percentage of donations are invested into mission impact? 

76% of donations are directly invested into Starlight programs. We think it’s important that your donors know exactly how their gifts are being used, so you can learn more about our financials on our website. 

I want to go the extra mile with my fundraising. Who can I talk to about my ideas? 

We would love to help you be a champion of happiness! If you’re interested in setting a high goal, fundraising year-round, or want to partner with Starlight on a creative fundraising initiative, please email us at

Are there any restrictions in the kind of fundraising I can do? 

You are welcome to choose the fundraiser that bests suit you, but Starlight does not tolerate discrimination, violence, bullying, harassment, sexually explicit, degrading, or excessively profane language or visuals, and the violation of rights of any other person. 

Get inspired by past Fundraisers!

LA Ghostbusters Proving to Be Happiness Heroes

LA Ghostbusters Proving to Be Happiness Heroes

The philanthropy-driven cosplay group loves to put a smile on people’s faces and believes in giving back to make a difference in the world, which is what led them to fundraising for Starlight. Through raffles, trivia nights, and silent auction, this group of Busters have raised over $40,000 to deliver happiness!

DGR_Dave: Starlight Streamer Making a Huge Impact

DGR_Dave: Starlight Streamer Making a Huge Impact

Content creator, DGR_Dave, knows first-hand the power of play and how video games can provide a way to reduce feelings of anxiety. Because of this, Dave joined Stream For Starlight and rallied his online community to raise more than $80,000 for hospitalized kids across the US!

Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids

In 2020, seven-year-old Harper became a huge fan of video games and noticed that her characters in Roblox were hosting a lemonade stand. That's what inspired Harper to host one of her own, but wanted to dedicate it to a charity that helped sick kids also enjoy video games - leading her to raise money for Starlight!

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Fundraising Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by each individual fundraiser are those of the fundraiser and do not reflect the official policy or position of Starlight Children’s Foundation.