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Delivers happiness by boosting kids’ spirits and reducing stress

When a child becomes hospitalized, their world can feel uncertain and overwhelming. 

Starlight Gaming exists to reduce stress and help kids cope in an unfamiliar situation.

Powered by Nintendo®, Starlight Gaming Stations and Handheld devices help reduce stress and boost mood. Designed to roll anywhere in the hospital, Starlight Gaming enables children to play from the comfort of their hospital bed or in a playroom to socialize with a group of kids. 

"Starlight [Gaming] equipment not only allows young children positive experiences but also allows respite for families as they deal with seriously ill family members... 'Play' engagement for children in an otherwise strange and uncomfortable situation changes their perspective of the hospital and provides enduring comfort." 

– Diane Brown, Huntsville Hospital Foundation

By providing opportunities for decision-making, goal setting, problem-solving and skill development, Starlight's gaming programs can help empower kids and boost their self-esteem to foster a sense of control over their hospital experience. 

You can provide hospitalized kids with the therapeutic benefits of gaming.
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Starlight Gaming Stations and Handhelds meet strict infection safety protocols and come pre-loaded with 25 games, all rated E10+ or below. Starlight Gaming offers streaming capabilities, parental controls and program lifetime service value through dedicated Nintendo support.

What makes Starlight Gaming special?

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The Impact of Gaming

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    Playing video games provides structure, familiarity, and security during hospitalization.

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    Emotional Support

    Video games redirect a child’s focus, resulting in reduced anxiety and improved mood.

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    Pain Management

    Engaging with games that require user participation leads to less perception of pain at the central brain level.

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