Give Happiness

Give Happiness

Donate today to give holiday joy to hospitalized kids.

Spending the holidays in the hospital can be a challenging experience for anyone, but especially for a child.

White ceiling lights replace what should be the warm glow of twinkling holiday lights, and instead of gathering around a cozy fire, families find themselves gathered in a small hospital room by the bedside of their child. 

That’s why Starlight exists – to deliver merry moments when seriously ill kids need them the most.

Starlight’s essential programs help ensure that hospitalized children experience the joy of the season. When a child receives the gift of a Starlight program, like a new toy or character-themed hospital gown, we bring holiday comfort right to their bedside.

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By creating holiday fun for everyone, they spark imaginations and conversations, bringing kids closer to home life while creating new connections with staff and other patients.

Join us in giving the greatest gift of all - happiness to a hospitalized child.
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