Rebel Girls

Downloadable Activities

  1. Rebel Girls 90 Journal Prompts

    90+ Journal Prompts

    Write, draw, and dream bigger with drawing and writing prompts that encourage self-exploration and creativity.

    Get Journal Prompts
  2. Rebel Girls How to program like a coder

    How to program like a coder

    A fun, interactive activity that introduces kids to computer programming!

    program like a coder
  3. Rebel Girls write a business plan like a boss

    How to write a business plan like a boss

    An engaging activity that gets kids using their imagination and creativity to start building their own empire!

    write a business plan

About Rebel Girls

Rebel Girls is a global, multi-platform empowerment brand dedicated to helping raise the most inspired and confident generation of girls around the world through content, experiences, products, and community. Originating from an international best-selling children’s book, Rebel Girls amplifies stories of real-life, extraordinary women throughout history, geography, and field of excellence. With a growing community of nearly 20 million self-identified Rebel Girls spanning more than 100 countries, the brand engages with Generation Alpha through its book series, award-winning podcast, events and merchandise. To date, they have sold 7 million books in 51 languages and reached 14 million podcast downloads.