Shining Stars

Shining Stars

Join our community of monthly givers to deliver happiness to hospitalized kids and their families year-round.

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For hospitalized kids and their families, every month brings a new challenge, from follow up appointments to ongoing treatments, to just worrying about what happens next.  

Knowing that Starlight programs are supported every month of the year gives families reassurance that their child will have what they need, no matter when they go to the hospital.  

Why Your Monthly Support Matters

Parents can find it difficult to focus on creating happy moments when a child is sick—their focus is on doing everything they can to help their child heal. But, knowing that there are people who choose to stand with them every month can make all the difference for a family.

With the support of Shining Stars, no matter what's going on or how long their child has to be in the hospital, families can be confident that their child will always have a reason to smile.   

Shining Stars bring comfort and happiness to sick kids and their families year-round. By giving monthly as a Shining Star, you:

  • Ensure that Starlight has the resources to increase the number of programs placed at more than 700 hospitals and medical facilities across the country, impacting millions of kids each year

  • Know how many smiles your gifts have made possible with regular impact reports from Starlight

  • Become a shining light to sick kids and their families during their darkest moments