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Creating an environment for relaxation and comfort in the hospital

When a sick child is undergoing treatment, they often are unable to leave the hospital. This causes their typical routine and the home comforts to feel out of reach, which is exactly why we created Starlight Spaces. Spaces re-imagine indoor and outdoor environments, like playrooms, family kitchens, and lounges, to provide pediatric patients a place they can relax and enjoy their time together – and not feel like they are in the hospital.

Our Impact

Starlight Spaces have transformed the hospital experience for more than 3.3 million kids

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“Once you’re in the hospital for a couple of days, the walls are closing in and you need an escape like this Starlight room. The new Family Room addresses the needs of all family members, whether they want to read, eat, or work."

-Wendy Pauker, Child Life Manager, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Treehouse Starlight Space Playroom at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Pediatric Patient Playing in Starlight Space
Starlight Space Treatment Room

It was a blah room, but now it’s a wow factor! It really looks like you’re in a treehouse! Before, this room didn’t get a lot of action. But now, the volume of people coming into the room... it’s just so awesome.

- Alyssa Luksa, Director of Child Life and Expressive Therapy, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Starlight Spaces' Impact

  1. Comfort Illustration


    A medical-free zone allows kids to feel a sense of security and ease in an otherwise stressful environment

  2. Socialization


    Patients and families have an opportunity to connect with each other, their visitors, and other families facing similar circumstances

  3. Normalization


    Environments are specially designed to give structure, familiarity, and security to an unfamiliar, overwhelming, and potentially scary place

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