Starlight Gowns

Being a sick kid stuck in the hospital is difficult. Having to wear an old, uncomfortable hospital gown makes it even worse. Starlight Gowns make kids feel like superstars by replacing unattractive, uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital garments with high-quality, comfortable and brightly colored gowns. The gowns transform children into astronauts, doctors, cowboys, and other characters so they can have fun and enjoy being kids.


Starlight Gowns are inspired by Brave Gowns which were created by visionary entrepreneur Summer Germann who lost her younger brother, Mac, to leukemia on November 26, 2002. She created Brave Gowns to bring smiles to hospitalized kids who deserve to wear a gown that provides more privacy than standard gowns, and is also fun, comfy and colorful, and truly reflects the heroes they really are. By collaborating with Starlight, Summer knew that she could bring even more smiles to hundreds of thousands of hospitalized kids. Since the partnership began in late 2016, Starlight Gowns Inspired by Brave Gowns have been distributed to more than 145,000 hospitalized kids across the nation.

Superstar Kids in Starlight Gowns