How the Remarkable Benefits of Playing Video Games Support Hospitalized Kids

Meet Jacob

Seven-year-old Jacob found himself facing a health challenge that rushed him to the pediatric emergency room. Shortness of breath, caused by hypoxia, revealed a diagnosis of pneumonia, marking the beginning of a series of hospital visits.  

Each hospital visit introduces Jacob to the unfamiliar and sometimes intimidating world of medical treatments and procedures. The separation from family and friends adds another layer of stress to his already challenging situation. 

For kids like Jacob, play is an essential part of their everyday life and is a source of security and happiness. But when kids are hospitalized, they miss out on going outside with friends and accessing their favorite games and toys. 

This is why Starlight exists. Hospital approved Starlight programs bring the healing power of play, such as security and happiness, right to a child’s bedside.  

When Jacob was hospitalized, he got to play Mario Kart on the Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Station. Playing video games on the Starlight Gaming Station supported his emotional and mental well-being during his stay. As a lover of video games, Jacob got to do something familiar to him, putting a smile on his face and giving him a chance to bond with his brother as they played together. By strategizing his way to victory, Jacob also refined his creative thinking and problem-solving skills, which is another benefit of playing video games. 

The healing power of play through the Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Station made a lasting impact on his family. Christina, Jacob’s mother, expressed her gratitude saying, “my son and brother were able to utilize the Nintendo switch game system...The experience helped us feel cared for and met our needs physically and connect within our community...It brought tears to my eyes feeling so well cared for in our community.” 

By supporting programs through Starlight, you give kids the power of play – a tool that helps them navigate the challenges of hospitalization with resilience. 

Empower sick kids with the power of play through gaming
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