Captain Starlight Delivers Happiness to Streamers

Captain Starlight Swoops in to Support Streamers

Captain Starlight, a superhero on a mission to help seriously ill kids feel better, wears many colorful capes. When they’re not soaring through intergalactic space travel or visiting hospitalized kids on Earth, they’re surfing the internet and checking out streams for Starlight.  

They made a special trip from Planet Starlight during September’s Stream For Starlight campaign to share a little happiness with our streamers. Thanks to an anonymous matching gift, Captain Starlight was even able to donate money and help streamers reach their goals!  

LeSerenity bids Captain Starlight farewell with the sweetest words after they drop by to support her campaign.

ChefNegin is so thankful for Captain Starlight's support!

Captain Starlight is off to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids—until our next S4S campaign, that is. We’ll see them very soon!  

Captain Starlight and all Starlight streamers are supporting fun and innovative programs like Starlight Gaming, colorful hospital Gowns, and more. Their generous donations deliver happiness to over 800 hospitals and health care facilities across the US. 

Join our next streaming campaign and help Captain Starlight deliver happiness to seriously ill kids and their families. 

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