Celebrating Halloween in the Hospital

Parents of hospitalized children know all too well how to adapt to unexpected changes. Year-round, kids stuck in the hospital often miss out on holiday celebrations and traditions. In October, that means no hunting for their perfect pumpkin, dressing up with their friends, or trading candy with their siblings.

Every year the staff at our hospital partner facilities find ways to bring excitement to kids around the holidays, but Halloween is a special time. Hospital staff get in the spirit with costumes, pumpkin decorating contests, carnival games, and reverse trick-or-treating.

Our hospital partners are used to getting creative with resources and we are always delighted to see how they are using Starlight Programs to deliver happiness.

While a fun Starlight Gown can brighten any day, it has extra meaning on Halloween.

Jay Chewbacca Gown
Last year, Starlight Kid Jay dressed up in his Chewbacca Starlight Gown and was so excited to meet some special visitors.

This year, hospitals have received special, Halloween-themed Starlight Deliveries that are filled with fun toys and Starlight Gowns that double as treats and costumes for kids. The Gowns give kids the chance to turn into their favorite superheroes or TV characters.

As coronavirus continues to change how kids can celebrate, hospitals can also use our new Halloween coloring sheets as a great resource for bedside activities.

Just $30 can deliver happiness and a spook-tacular Halloween to kids stuck in the hospital.
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