Deliveries Help Starlight Kid Grace Make New Traditions

Grace is an outgoing, smart nine-year-old with a smile that lights up every room. Throughout 2021, she’s been missing in-person school and her favorite clubs while receiving treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at DHR Health in Edinburg, Texas.  

A cancer diagnosis like hers is hard to cope with at any time, but is made even more isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the beginning, you could tell she didn't quite understand. She knew that her body was sick, but she didn't know why,” said Edith Castillo, child life specialist at DHR Health. “Her mom reached out to other families that went through something similar, so she was able to talk to other children that had a similar diagnosis.” 

Due to ongoing treatment, Grace can’t be around a lot of people. She can’t even join clubs at DHR Health with other hospitalized kids. She has been keeping up with her schooling virtually and one of the best parts is joining choir class and singing her favorite songs!  

Spending a lot of time isolated is hard for anybody, let alone a sick child like Grace. That’s where Starlight Deliveries came in and help keep Grace entertained while in her hospital room. Starlight Deliveries is made possible because of our partners, like Mattel, that help us provide toys, books, arts & crafts, and more to kids all over the country like Grace.  

For hospitalized kids like herself, playing allows Grace to express herself and find relief from stressful, unknown situations.  

The holidays can be tough on kids who are in the hospital. They are often isolated from their extended family, unable to take part in traditions they know and love. While she’s missing out on familiar routines, Grace has been making new traditions this year. She recently celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with toys from Starlight Deliveries!  

We made a piñata that actually works!

- Grace

Every year, Starlight Deliveries sends hundreds of thousands of books, toys, games, arts & crafts, and other items directly to seriously ill kids. Whether a hospital has 30 or 300 pediatric patients, Starlight works to ensure they have plenty of fun items to bring joy to kids year-round.   

With the widespread changes to hospital safety protocol, seriously ill children need to experience moments of happiness more than ever this holiday season. Just $25 can help deliver toys and other seasonal goodies to a hospital treating young patients.  

Give today to bring moments of joy to kids like Grace during a difficult and isolating time. 

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