Delivering On Our Mission Every Day

Just how do we fulfill our mission to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids in hospitals across the U.S.?  

We’ve got a Mission Delivery team for that! 

To begin with, it’s more than making deliveries. We’re proud to say we do a lot more than drop off packages containing Starlight Hospital Wear, Starlight Gaming and Starlight VR to kids in hospitals. 

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of the kids we serve, our Mission Delivery team coordinates and collaborates with our hospital partners. It all comes down to what they need and what works. What programs do they want? How are the children and families being impacted by the programs already in place? How and when do they engage with the equipment?  

It’s our Mission Delivery team that works closely and continually to foster the strong relationships we have established with our hospital partners and to build a solid foundation with new partners as we grow. Big and small decisions come from collaborating with their teams. By working hand-in-hand with our hospital partners and listening to the feedback from our hospital partners, we can ensure that our deliveries are impactful and improve the hospital experience for kids and families.  

For instance, we found out about how plugging into a VR station could distract patients before, during, or after scary and stressful procedures. We learned that siblings might be less anxious about visiting their sick sister or brother when they know they can play a game together. Our partners are our eyes and ears on the ground, letting us know what works and what we can do to make a difference. 

After we place our programs and make our deliveries, we follow up for feedback. We learn from each experience, which help us make improvements to our offerings and supports our growth. All of this also supports our goals: More kids with smiles on their faces, more families and health care providers grateful for the relief, more supporters fundraising for additional programs, and more hospitals signing on to become partners so we can serve even more Starlight Kids. Mission accomplished. 

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