A 4-Year-Old's Starlight Gown Design Comes to Life and it’s Dino-Mite!

Starlight Gowns are a favorite among the millions of children and families we help. These cozy gowns are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of hospitalized kids, from better coverage, to ties and snaps that allow for easier access for hospital staff. Paired with bright and colorful designs inspired by what kids love, Starlight Gowns have become one of the most requested items by our hospital partners!

4-year-old Henry was diagnosed with leukemia in 2020, and he loved wearing his very own Starlight Gown while receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Plus, he enjoyed playing his favorite Mario games on the Starlight Nintendo Gaming station during his treatment, so he had a blast dressing up as Mario with his gown!

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To celebrate his incredible bravery, Starlight invited Henry to design a gown of his own and bring a little happiness to other kids facing serious illnesses.

Every single Starlight Gown starts with inspiration — a color, character, animal, or hobby that will bring a smile to a hospitalized child.

We asked Henry what his favorite animal was and he gave a big roar and shouted DINOSAURS!

Henry loves to draw and color, so that's how he started his design.

Blog 21 09 29 Design to Gown Henry Image 4

Starlight then took Henry’s original masterpiece and reimagined it into a full-color design, complete with trees, volcanoes, and more. He was so excited to see his love of dinosaurs come to life in his very own Starlight Gown!

Thanks to our generous partners at Colgate, Henry’s dino-mite gown is currently being distributed to hospitals across the country.

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