Double Your Donation with a Matching Gift

What is a matching gift? 

It’s this simple: you make a charitable donation and your company makes a matching contribution. Thousands of companies have matching gift programs to support an employee’s charitable donation, and it’s often dollar-for-dollar. For example, if you work for Nintendo and donate $100 to Starlight, Nintendo will double that donation by sending us a matching check for $100. Many companies support philanthropic endeavors and want to encourage employees to do the same by donating to verified 501 (c)(3) nonprofits like Starlight. All you need to do is ask your Human Resources department if a matching gift program exists at your company. If they don’t have one, encourage them to start one (and send them the link to this post as inspiration!) 

Did you know? More than 65% of Fortune 500 Companies have matching gift programs. Some of the top ones include Microsoft, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce, Coca-Cola.  

I made a donation a few months ago. Is it too late for a matching gift? 

Not necessarily. Many companies allow employees to submit match requests up to one year following the date of the donation. 

I’m hosting a fundraiser; can my company match that?  

Great idea! Matching gifts programs can help you boost your fundraising totals. There’s a high likelihood that someone who donated to your fundraiser works for a company that matches donations. So spread the word when you launch our fundraiser by encouraging your donors to check about matching gift programs.  

What’s the impact?  

We’ll do the math for you: it’s double! Seriously, every dollar counts when you’re delivering happiness to a seriously ill child. For instance, if you donate $25 and your company matches, that means two children get our soft and comfy Starlight Gowns, instead of one. With a match, you can reach your fundraising goal twice as fast for a new Starlight Nintendo Switch and Starlight Virtual Reality headsets, which means children can enjoy your donation even sooner. Simply put: You can actually say you’re bringing more smiles to more children’s faces.  

How do I get started?  

  1. Become a monthly donor, donate or start a fundraiser for Starlight Children’s Foundation. 

  2. Find out if your employer will match your donation by contacting the Human Resources or Corporate Giving departments. 

  3. Submit a matching gift request based on your employer’s instructions. Feel twice as proud of yourself for making an even bigger difference in the lives of seriously ill children. 

Go ahead, take Step 1 right now! Need further help? Contact us at  

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