FosterDadFlipper Streams For Starlight and Shares Insight into Fostering and Adopting

Peter Mutabazi is a foster dad. His passion for fostering and adopting has turned into a brand called Now I Am Known because he wants to help others understand the world he and his family lives in. Peter adopted his son, Anthony, after fostering him. Peter’s heart is so big, that he opened his doors during a pandemic, while the rest of the country closed their doors, to take in another foster child.

So what can you expect during his Stream For Starlight? Check out this Q&A with Peter, from @FosterDadFlipper.

What inspired you to Stream For Starlight? 

I love what Starlight Children's Foundation stands for. Their advocacy for kids along with their deep love for every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, is inspiring. Starlight reminds me of the kids I fight for and I'm moved by the great care they take with every child when they need it the most. My own kids have visited the same hospitals that Starlight works with so we've experienced their special care first hand. It's an honor to be a part of Stream For Starlight this year to help spread the message and the mission to reach as many kids and families as possible.

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Tell us about your community on social media and why do you think they’ll connect with Starlight’s mission? 

Most of my followers are moms with kids and families who foster children. The others are soon to be parents and supporters of parents of all kinds. Starlight's mission of delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families speaks directly to every one of them. So many parents have been through illnesses and hospital visits for their kids. They truly understand the impact that Starlight makes on their entire family and I know they will deeply resonate.

Give us a sneak peek! What can viewers expect to see or hear during your Stream For Starlight?  

Me and my son Anthony will be on with some special surprise guests every Thursday on Instagram at @FosterDadFlipper. We will share our everyday ups and downs through fostering to adoption, homeschooling, the teenage years, and so much more! We’ll be sure to make you laugh while we teach you some valuable family and life lessons!

Check out Foster Dad Flipper on Starlight’s Events Calendar, and don’t miss their next stream!

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