Meet Demi, 2022 Starlight Kid Ambassador

Demi is a fun-loving and spunky 5-year-old who loves Hocus Pocus and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She can be seen crunching on apples, wearing big bows and a smile just as big, and is always lighting up whatever room she’s in.

Demi - Ambassador - 1
Demi - Ambassador - 2
Demi - Ambassador - 3

In 2019, Demi was diagnosed with leukemia and began treatment at Erlanger Children’s Hospital in Tennessee. During her time at the hospital, Demi was able to enjoy many Starlight programs, from comfy hospital gowns to Gaming stations and Deliveries.  

We are happy to share that Demi finished with treatment in July of 2021 and is now in remission!

Demi - Ambassador - 4
Demi - Ambassador - 5
Demi - Ambassador - 6

What it means to Demi to be a Starlight Ambassador: Demi is excited to join Starlight’s first-ever class of Ambassadors to share her love for Starlight Gowns and Deliveries! 

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