Meet Our 2022 Starlight Kid Ambassadors

Each year, Starlight delivers happiness to millions of kids in more than 800 children’s hospitals and facilities across the US. Which means we get to meet a lot of brave, unique kids that experience Starlight programs.   

For the first time, Starlight is honored and thrilled to announce our Starlight Kid Ambassadors. These three Starlight Kids will be year-long representatives of our organization, sharing their stories and the impact of Starlight programs. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Meet The 2022 Starlight Ambassadors


Demi - Ambassador
  • Age: 5  

  • Location: Tennessee  

  • Favorite food: Apples  

  • Favorite movie: Hocus Pocus  

  • What she wants to be when she grows up: Doctor 

  • Favorite Starlight program: Starlight Deliveries 

  • Hospital for treatment: Erlanger Children’s Hospital   

  • Diagnosis: Leukemia (in remission) 

Demi is a spunky sweetheart with two older brothers. She’s been experiencing Starlight programs since 2019 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Mature beyond her years, she can strike up a conversation with anyone. Always donned in big bows and smiles, Demi lights up the room when she walks in. 


Finn - Ambassador
  • Age: 7

  • Location: Virginia

  • Favorite food: Pizza

  • Favorite movie: Finding Dory

  • What he wants to be when he grows up:  Actor   

  • Favorite Starlight program: Starlight Gowns and Radio Flyer Wagons  

  • Hospital: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  

  • Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease (CHD) 

Finn is kind, resilient and loves making people laugh. He’s been using Starlight programs since 2015 when he slept in a Radio Flyer Wagon after heart surgery at just one year old. His favorite person is his big brother Mason, and they’re always up to something! 


Kyrell - Ambassador
  • Age: 13

  • Location: Illinois  

  • Hospital: Advocate Children’s Hospital, Park Ridge 

  • Favorite food: McChicken from McDonald's (His go-to food after chemo)  

  • Favorite movie: Big Hero 6  

  • What he want to be when he grows up: Astronaut, Scientist or YouTuber.   

  • Favorite Starlight program: Starlight Gowns for easy port access, Starlight Gaming stations.   

  • Diagnosis: Leukemia (in remission) 

Kyrell is a smart teenager that has a smile as big as his heart. He’s been wearing Starlight Gowns and playing on Starlight Gaming stations since he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018. You’ll always find Kyrell playing with his three brothers, on his computer or outside kicking the soccer ball around!

Special thanks to Demi, Finn, and Kyrell’s families for allowing us to spotlight the good, the bad, and the really difficult times they experience having a child with a serious medical condition.

Starlight is grateful to be a part of their lives and that we can help deliver happiness to so many kids just like them.

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