Meet Finn, 2022 Starlight Kid Ambassador

Seven-year-old Finn’s personality and laughter fill every room he walks into. His favorite thing to do is play with his big brother Mason, whether it be making crafts together or just getting into mischief. They’re a dynamite duo.  

Finn was born with congenital heart disease (CHD), which means he’s spent more time in the hospital than anyone should have to experience. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for CHD, only temporary fixes until the next surgery. 

Finn - Ambassador - 1

Because of his complex heart condition, he spends a lot of time at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Finn’s first experience with Starlight programs was in 2015 when he slept in a Radio Flyer Wagon provided by Starlight Deliveries after heart surgery at just one year old.  

“To parents, the wagon can be just another toy, but to kids, especially a special needs kid, it is magic,” Kelly, Finn’s mom 

For the past three years, Finn has been wearing soft, colorful Starlight Gowns during his treatment. Besides the smiles they bring, Starlight Gowns are more breathable for CHD heart warriors, who can overheat easily.  

Finn - Ambassador - 2

Finn is excited to join Starlight’s first-ever Starlight Kid Ambassador program to be a representative for kids battling serious or chronic illnesses across the US.  

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