Meet Jo Anne, Retired Clinical Nurse Specialist and Starlight Monthly Giver

We hear from a lot of our supporters about how they decided to become monthly givers after seeing first-hand experience how Starlight delivers happiness to seriously ill children. 

Take Jo Anne, a recently retired clinical nurse specialist. Before she retired from Children’s Hospital of New Mexico, she worked as a nurse for 49 and a half years and cared for patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Colleagues and patients and family members remember her for her infectious personality and a smile that would light up a room.  

Behind the scenes, she has been bringing smiles to the faces of seriously ill children, as one of Starlight’s longest standing monthly givers. She was first introduced to Starlight through Starlight ambassador and Grammy-nominated saxophonist Dave Koz, who has himself been supporting Starlight for over 25 years. 

Back on dry land, Jo Anne witnesses the impact of Starlight while treating pediatric patients.

Jo Anne in Childrens Hospital of New Mexico with a Starlight Wii Gaming Station pointing a sicking of Dave Koz
Jo Anne on the left in the Children's Hospital of New Mexico
A Wii gaming station with a sticker "Generously sponsored by Dave Koz"
Thank you for sponsoring this gaming station, Dave Koz!
Jo Anne on left in Childrens Hospital of New Mexico with a Starlight Wii Gaming Station
Jo Anne and colleague delivering happiness in the Children's Hospital of New Mexico

"When the Starlight Gaming station was received by our pediatric department, it was placed in our urgent care area,” Jo Anne said, adding that many kids wait for four or more hours for tests and procedures while they await results and diagnoses. “With this video gaming system, it allows the pediatric patients to be more comfortable and more at ease.” 

Our gaming stations and Starlight Virtual Reality are her two favorite programs. “I’ve seen these systems being used and it has really helped, especially for preteens and teens,” she said.  

Even though Jo Anne is now retired and living on a fixed budget, she continues to give back where she can. “Folks should consider a monthly donation as it is cost-effective to give a small amount every month and there’s no restriction on the amount you give, plus it’s tax deductible,” she said.   

We thank Jo Anne for all she did as a nurse and hope you will follow her example.  We need your help to deliver happiness to kids who are more scared and isolated than ever.  

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