Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Transporting hospitalized kids to another world


Starlight Virtual Reality is a state-of-the-art technology program that delivers happiness to seriously ill kids and families through a variety of 20+ pre-loaded, curated games, apps, and other experiences to help distract kids during difficult medical procedures or to help them relax, laugh, and just have fun.

It is the first general use VR program for hospitals that includes a customized, thoroughly wipeable, and wireless hospital-ready headset with content that allows patients with limited mobility to sit up or lay down and control their experience using a remote or only their head.

Our Impact


Starlight Virtual Reality units have transformed the hospital experience at 310 health care facilities for over 18,000 seriously ill kids

$10 can provide 10 hours of virtual reality for a seriously ill kid

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Starlight Kid Story

In reality, 7-year-old Grady is wheelchair-bound, who received weeks of treatment and physical therapy at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota. In virtual reality, he explored the streets of London, pointing at the double-decker bus that rolled by, seemingly only a few feet away. Grady was one of the first patients to use Starlight Virtual Reality while he was recovering from spinal surgery. Even with limited mobility, he was able to travel the world.

7-year-old Grady at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
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Can Virtual Reality replace general anesthetic or pain medication?

“In certain circumstances, Virtual Reality can be used in place of general anesthesia to help tolerate pain, and in fact, it is having a profound impact on the quality of our hospitalized children’s experiences. We are seeing children who used to require general anesthesia during certain procedures, now able to be fully awake with minimal medications.”

– Joe Albietz, MD, Medical Director at Child Life, Children’s Hospital Colorado

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We can re-orient the headset with just a click of the button for a child who needs to lie flat on their back. We will continue to make modifications for the clinical setting.

- Samuel Rodriguez, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford University

Starlight Virtual Reality program delivers happiness through the following ways:

  1. Play

    Virtual reality is a highly interactive experience that engages children through both structured and unstructured activity

  2. Entertainment

    Immersive and stimulating content combats boredom, anxiety, and isolation

  3. Normalization

    Providing activities kids enjoy in their everyday lives helps make an unfamiliar place feel safe and even fun

  4. Procedural Support

    Being immersed in a virtual experience decreases anxiety and stress, making medical procedures less challenging for patients and clinicians

  5. Emotional Support

    The ability for a child to be in control helps reduce anxiety during hospitalization and medical procedures

  6. Pain Management

    Usage can help manage pain and distress associated with a variety of medical procedures by encouraging patients to relax and breathe through the discomfort

  7. Physical Therapy

    Games can provide an opportunity to practice motions that can lead to reports of lower pain levels and an increased range of motion

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Starlight Impact

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  2. VR Report Card

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