Meet Kiiger, Music Therapist and Streamer

This September, Starlight is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by hosting the second annual Stream For Starlight (S4S) campaign—a month-long virtual fundraiser that invites businesses, influencers, gamers, and individuals to stream content and raise money to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.  

To celebrate S4S 2020, we’ll be highlighting content creators to showcase the various ways you can get involved! 

Jenny, known as Kiiger on Twitch, has been singing since she was just five years old. Growing up, she was known for being her friends’ shoulder to cry on and for her love of music. In college, she found herself happily combining her two passions as a music therapist!

Kiiger most recently worked with kids in a Los Angeles-area hospital. Each day, she collaborated with Certified Child Life Specialists to determine which kids would benefit most from music therapy. Her sessions allowed hospitalized kids to choose their own themes, from movement to drumming to songwriting

“The thing about being in a hospital as a child or adolescent is that you don’t have too many decisions you get to make for your own care,” said Kiiger. “My favorite part was getting to offer them this time to make decisions for themselves, share things that had nothing to do with being in the hospital, and have a reason to laugh and smile.”

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Kiiger knew about Starlight before joining S4S because she saw Starlight programs firsthand in the hospital. She even held music therapy sessions in a Starlight Space because patients preferred the “fun room”.

“The entire vibrant and decorated playroom was overflowing with arts and crafts, toys, instruments, and video gaming equipment mostly thanks to Starlight.”

Kiiger loves using her platform on Twitch to promote meaningful charities and partnering with Starlight felt serendipitous.

“Although the charity streams I have done before have been amazing, I’m excited to participate in Stream for Starlight because I have seen first-hand the impact that this organization makes,” said Kiiger. “It feels extra special to know exactly what I’m helping raise money for and knowing how special Starlight is!”

Kiiger will be playing family-friendly music on September 17. Watch and support her stream!

To join Kiiger and countless other streamers in making a difference this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, stream, watch, or donate throughout September.
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