Meet NachoPandaa, Gaming Streamer

This September, Starlight is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by hosting the second annual Stream For Starlight (S4S) campaign—a month-long virtual fundraiser that invites businesses, influencers, gamers, and individuals to stream content and raise money to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.  

To celebrate S4S 2020, we’ll be highlighting content creators to showcase the various ways you can get involved! 

NanchoPandaa has a heart of gold and loves helping others.  

This Twitch gaming streamer loves that streaming creates a loving community where he can share his over-abundance of positivity through cheesy jokes and embarrassing moments.  

“I was raised on the idea that if we have the capability to, it is our duty to help others when they need it most,” he said. “When I was contacted prior to Stream for Starlight last September, I was honored and excited to help Starlight.” 

Starlight’s mission is especially close to NachoPandaa since several of his siblings were hospitalized when he was younger.  

“I could only imagine how hard it was for them. To know that there is a way I can help other families with similar hardships find joy in such a hard time is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart,” he said.  

When NachoPandaa announced his participation in last year’s S4S campaign, his community rallied together to help him achieve his goal. Thanks to their generosity, he raised over $150 while gaming throughout September!  

We are so excited for the upcoming S4S – and so is NachoPandaa!  

“I am eagerly planning my participation in September’s Stream for Starlight Campaign. This will be my first anniversary with Starlight and I hope to do something really special for it!”  

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with!  

Businesses, influencers, gamers, and individuals can be a part of this campaign.  

Watch and support Nanchopandaa's S4S stream all September long.

If you’d like to join NachoPandaa and countless others in Stream For Starlight, register today!   

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