Meet Starlight Ambassador Paul

Starlight Kid Paul was born in September 2019, and in early 2020 while visiting family out of state, he suddenly began struggling to breathe and wasn’t moving or playing normally. The local hospital diagnosed him with RSV, and he was put on oxygen and sent to a nearby children’s hospital where he stayed for four days.

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Unfortunately, that hospital visit was just the beginning of Paul’s journey. Within the first two years of his life, Paul was hospitalized six times at four different facilities, was consistently receiving oxygen, and wasn’t obtaining any real answers as to what was wrong. Luckily for Paul, his mom Julie knew there had to be an answer and she did everything she could think of to advocate for him. 

Then, in February 2021, after another emergency room visit, they finally got the diagnosis they needed. Paul had asthma.

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After receiving his diagnosis, Paul’s parents decided to move their family to Florida, hoping that living at sea level would be better for Paul’s breathing. Thankfully, they were correct, and Paul’s symptoms have improved since they moved!  

Today, Paul is a happy-go-lucky three-year-old that absolutely adores his little sister and is obsessed with anything related to dinosaurs! He is a huge fan of Starlight Deliveries and both he and Julie are grateful for the distraction they provided during his many hospitalizations.

"During one of his [hospital visits], someone came around with a wagon full of toys and coloring books. [Paul’s] eyes lit up immediately when he saw a bunch of big trucks and stuffed animals. The toys kept him distracted for the rest of our stay and we were so grateful for that. Being so young, it was hard to keep him entertained with what we brought with us. Having the opportunity to play with new toys really lifted his spirits" ~ Julie, Paul's Mom

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