Meet Twitch Streamer Roro and Her Community of Panda-Loving Optimists

This September, Starlight is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by hosting the third annual Stream For Starlight (S4S) campaign—a month-long virtual fundraiser that invites streamers, musicians, artisans, gamers, and chefs to stream content and raise money to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.

To celebrate S4S 2021, we’ll be highlighting content creators to showcase the creative ways you can get involved!

Let us introduce you to Roro, a self-described momma, wife, and head positivity queen for her tight-knit streaming community called the Panda Network.

Centered around her passion for pandas, Roro has fostered a friendly, engaged group that embodies inclusivity, friendship, and authenticity.

“My goal in every stream is for people to have a great time, feel comfortable enough to be themselves, and leave with something memorable or positive,” said Roro.

Earlier this year Roro and the Panda Network participated in our March S4S campaign, crushing their initial goal and raising over $800! They’re making a fierce yet friendly comeback this September and, in Roro’s words, it will be PANDA-monium!

Roro feels connected to Starlight’s mission because her sister had a tough time during hospitalizations as a child. With this experience in mind, she is motivated to make a difference for seriously ill kids!

“My little sister has Down syndrome and, when she was young, she was in the hospital a lot. Unfortunately it was a terrible experience. With organizations like Starlight, it truly brings hope and joy to families in situations that need a glimmer of light. I believe in and love what this organization is doing and hope to continue to support it!”

Starlight is so grateful to have Roro and the Panda Network back for the upcoming S4S campaign. Streamers, musicians, artisans, gamers, and chefs can all get involved this September. If you’d like to join Roro, the Panda Network, and countless others in streaming for Starlight, register today!

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