Monthly Giving Supports Starlight Families Year-Round

Every month brings a new challenge for sick kids and their families, but our Shining Stars make sure they always have a reason to smile. 

When a parent is caring for their child in the hospital, they are focused on doing everything they can to help their child heal. Between managing follow-up appointments and ongoing treatments and worrying about what will come next, it can be difficult to find time to create happy moments. 

Knowing that there are people standing with them through it all can make all the difference—that’s where Shining Stars come in. 

Shining Stars are Starlight’s dedicated community of monthly givers bringing smiles to sick kids every day of the year. By giving a monthly donation supporting our mission, Shining Stars ensure that Starlight has the resources to increase the number of programs placed at over 800 hospitals across the country, impacting millions of kids each year.  

No matter the diagnosis, treatment plan, or length of hospital stay, with the support of Shining Stars, families in every single US state can be confident that their child will have a reason to smile.  

We feel so much more at peace knowing that there are people who make sure these programs are always supported, every month, so kids like Finn never feel alone.

- Kelly, Finn's mom

Just like bright stars in a dark sky, Shining Stars are a constant and lasting source of light for seriously ill kids and their families during their most challenging moments. By becoming a Shining Star and investing monthly in our programs—from cozy hospital gowns and toy deliveries to accessible video games—you can bring light into a child’s life. 

Join our community of Shining Stars and deliver happiness to hospitalized kids every day! 

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