Our Continued Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In June 2020, Starlight launched our Commitment for Change – an equity, diversity, and inclusion initiative to deliver Starlight programs to more medically underserved and vulnerable populations.  

This initiative is a top, ongoing organizational priority and we set a big goal for ourselves in 2022: to deliver 50% of our programs this year to facilities caring for medically underserved and vulnerable children. 

  We can make this leap because over the past two years we have:   

  • Contacted more than 100 hospitals in medically underserved and vulnerable population regions that were previously not active in Starlight’s partner network. Now they have access to our programs, completely free of charge. 

  • Increased our supply of books and board games in languages other than English. 

  • Ongoingly working with our hospital partners to identify how we can better design and distribute our programs to underserved and vulnerable communities. 

  • Diversifed our Board of Directors and staff and changed our recruiting process to ensure it is equitable. 

  • Created an internal committee focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion - a safe environment for staff to come together to review topics and discuss ideas on how Starlight can be more inclusive and diverse. 

 While Starlight is making progress toward our DEI goals, we know that our work is not done. We know that there is still more that we can do as an organization.  

This is our commitment to you, our Starlight family, that we will continue to strive for equal access to our programs and ensure diversity at all levels of our organization. 

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