Starlight Gowns Make a World of Difference

For a sick kid, the moment when they must change from their own clothes to a traditional hospital gown is filled with stress and anxiety. That’s why we created Starlight Hospital Gowns, so every day our hospital partners across the country can see the emotional shift in their young patients when offered a super soft, high-quality, and colorful Starlight Gown.

No one understands this impact better than our incredible hospital partners across the US – like Children’s of Mississippi, who utilize Starlight Gowns every day with patients undergoing MRI and CT scans, fluoroscopy exams, and surgical procedures in their Imaging and Surgical units.

“When presented with Starlight gowns, our patients’ eyes light up, and we witness their excitement to wear the fun, colorful gowns with child-friendly designs and favorite character decorations. Starlight gowns have made an impactful difference in the patient experience at our facility, helping children feel less afraid in the hospital setting and more confident while facing medical procedures.” – The Imaging Team at Children’s of Mississippi

Starlight Gowns - Children's Of Mississippi 2

Starlight Gowns are made possible both by our dedicated donors and generous partners like Rebel Girls, who recently funded new Starlight Gowns and books to be delivered to hospitals across the country, including Children’s of Mississippi. Without partners like these, Starlight wouldn’t be able to deliver happiness to over 2 million kids per year!

You can help further our impact by becoming a donor today and delivering happiness to seriously ill kids across the country.

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