Starlight Programs Provide 45 Days of Relief During Pablo's Hospital Stay

Cecilia did not expect her four-year-old son, Pablo, to stay at the hospital for 45 days. 

But Pablo’s diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) led their family to become regulars at El Paso Children’s Hospital in Texas, even spending Christmas there. 

For Cecilia, staying in the hospital feels like forever, and so does worrying about Pablo and his childhood cancer. But Starlight programs help make time go faster by giving them comfort and happiness.


Whether in his room or in the operation waiting room, Pablo feels better when he plays on the Starlight Gaming Station and Handheld. Playing on the Starlight Gaming Station and Handheld redirects Pablo’s focus from long, boring hours at the hospital to fun and excitement of his favorite video games. The fun and hospital entertainment that kids like Pablo feel gives them a sense of relief, less anxiety, and control over their experience. Not only that, playing games with user participation helps hospitalized kids physically by leading to less perceptions of pain.

“We were excited to play video games in the hospital room, time was getting shorter and we forgot about worry for a while.” - Cecilia, Pablo’s mom

Starlight Hospital Gowns also make their “Christmas a little more comfortable,” says Cecilia, Pablo’s mom. Pablo enjoys wearing a fun, colorful Starlight Hospital Gown which gives more comfort for hospitalized kids, movement, and coverage than regular, plain hospital gowns. Pablo likes his Starlight gown a lot better than normal gowns because of its specially designed snaps that make it easier to access his port. Starlight gowns also ease anxiety and spur confidence for kids like Pablo by giving them an outlet to express their emotions and identity.

Blog Image – Pablo Internal 1

The happiness that Pablo receives from Starlight programs helps make time pass more quickly during his downtime between treatments.

“Thanks to all the donors...for thinking about the child cancer patients who spend too many days in the hospital. Thank you for your support and joining us in this difficult process.” - Cecilia, Pablo’s mom

Hospitalized kids need your help this holiday season. Kids like Pablo who must stay at the hospital for multiple days, weeks and hours, feel fear, anxiety, and boredom in the hospital’s unfamiliar setting. But you can make a difference by gifting them comfort and happiness from a Starlight program.

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