Starlight Streamer Makes an Impact at Local Hospital

Starlight’s streaming community consists of dedicated streamers that devote hours of their time to raising funds for hospitalized kids, including Starlight Stream Ambassador SistaKaren. 

SistaKaren has raised almost $10,000 during her Stream For Starlight campaigns since 2019 and is using this money to place multiple Starlight programs including a Starlight Gaming station at University of Maryland Children’s Hospital.

SistaKaren enjoys being a leading voice on issues relating to diversity and inclusion, gaming and beyond; she always creates a safe, inclusive space for all while discussing important social issues – which is exactly why she chose the UM Children’s Hospital to place the Gaming station she and her community funded.   

After training there in the pediatrics unit, she saw firsthand how loved the hospital is by the Baltimore community. SistaKaren recognized the trust that the black community gave to UM Children’s Hospital.  

While there are larger hospitals in the area, patients in the black community prefer UM Children’s Hospital because they feel heard there.

- SistaKaren

Because of this connection, SistaKaren was excited and honored to be able to fund a Gaming station to the hospital that means so much to her and the community.  

And UM Children’s Hospital is so excited for another Starlight Gaming station to add to their inventory, they told us that with ongoing visitor restrictions because of Covid-19, the nurses are thrilled to have this station used as a diversion and distraction for the patients.  

Gaming stations have been providing moments of joy and entertainment to hospitalized kids for more than 29 years. These Gaming stations meet strict infection protocols and can be rolled in and out of hospital rooms, making them available to all patients – even those that are unable to leave their bed.  

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