Starlight Streamers United By Play!

There were frags, flanks and flashes happening all day at the Valorant United By Play tournament hosted by Viewsonic. And Starlight streamers were on the big stage at HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas on January 5.
Five Starlight streamers competed and fundraised and we took home the BIG win of being the top charity to fundraise the most – a whopping $14K.  
A wonderful part of the United By Play tournament was that it supported six great charities. Donors helped Starlight deliver happiness to seriously ill kids, while also supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood, 1,000 Dreams Fund, PAWS Your Game, LANFest, and Stack UP.

United By Play - Team Starlight 2022
Team Starlight

Starlight’s team had an incredible lineup: fleapuffGraelux , NightzVal, sstuds, and TKayO to represent Team Starlight. All streamers are past supporters to Starlight and participated in Stream For Starlight campaigns in 2021.

United By Play 2022 - 1
United By Play 2022 - 2
United By Play 2022 - 3

With fleapuff, sstuds, and TKayO on the ground in Vegas, NightZ and Graelux streamed the tournament to their communities. Check out the extremely generous donation Graelux received during a live match!

Starlight streamer Graelux supported Team Starlight virtually during United By Play, a charity gaming tournament. During a live VALORANT match, she received a $4,000 donation from her community that stopped her in her tracks.

Thank you fleapuff, sstuds, TKayO, NightZ, and Graelux for participating and making Starlight’s first e-sports tournament a memorable one! We can’t wait to see what other kind of opportunities 2022 brings to our table.

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