Starlight's Favorite TwitchCon Moments

We were so excited to attend TwitchCon this year in San Diego. We spent three days with this kind, fun, and creative community, learning about them and sharing Starlight’s mission of delivering happiness to seriously ill kids. 

Our team met many of our Stream For Starlight streamers, who’ve helped us raise over $30,000 this month! We also met many new friends who are huge supporters of our mission. It was a weekend we will never forget.

Here are a few of our top TwitchCon moments:

Meeting Our Top S4S Fundraiser

The8BitDrummer at TwitchCon

In the beginning of September, The8BitDrummer was one of the first streamers to support S4S, drumming while fundraising with his streaming community. During his campaign, The8BitDrummer drummed his way to over $4,500! He and his wonderful wife, Chiata, stopped by the Starlight booth and when they found out that $5,000 could place Starlight Gaming Center at a local hospital in South Carolina, they immediately donated the rest of the money to hit that milestone. Super Stars!

Meeting Our Top Team Fundraisers

Team Bone-in at TwitchCon
Team Bone-In at TwitchCon 2019

Team Bone-In, 13 streamers who love to cook, had multiple streams over the month, raising nearly $8,500 for Starlight. The Bone-In crew was just as fun in person as they were on screen, and meeting them in person felt like a celeb sighting IRL!


Litt1eR3d at TwitchCon

We’re obsessed with this hot pink-haired streamer! She raised more than $771 for seriously ill kids and stopped by to check out Starlight VR and see where her fundraising dollars are going!


MisterMez at TwitchCon

MisterMez took the day off from playing Mario Maker 2 for TwitchCon and brought his S4S shirt with him for this special occasion! His generous community raised $1,040, helping him level up to being one of our top individual fundraisers.

Meeting the Incredibly Talented Quiltoni

Quiltoni at TwitchCon

During September, Quiltoni took a break from her regular stream of creating pixel quilts to engage her community with a Twitch Sings stream to raise $725 for Starlight! When she stopped by the booth, we were overjoyed to meet this incredible woman.

Witnessing NachoPandaa's Passion for Starlight

NachoPandaa at TwitchCon

From the moment that NachoPandaa walked into our booth, his passion and dedication to making an impact could be felt by everyone. He’s already raised $165 for S4S, and he told us he can’t wait to do more! Also, his shirt is very on brand.

Streamer Stories

We had hundreds of conversations during our three days at TwitchCon. All were invited to try out our Virtual Reality headsets that are transforming the hospital experience for seriously ill kids. It was heartwarming to see our programs truly resonate with those who stopped by. Here are a few new streamers we met who stole our hearts:

Angels_Piano Stopping By Our Booth

Angels_Piano at TwitchCon

Angels_Piano (a professional pianist! swoon) stopped by on Day 3. She said she was a big fan of our mission and couldn’t wait to S4S!

Young Streamer With Big Plans!

Dwn_Range at TwitchCon

11-year-old Parker, aka Dwn_Range, would’ve played Starlight Virtual Reality all day if his parents would’ve let him! He’s an advocate for other gamers who have Autism and is working to spread awareness through his gaming community.

Doctor by Day, Streamer by Night

LindorMD at TwitchCon

LindorMD calls himself the Chief of Streaming. It may look like a cosplay outfit, but Vishal is a real doctor who has a passion for charity streams. This doc knows how to have fun!

Our Favorite Gal Jen

FavoriteGalJen at TwitchCon

FavoriteGalJen made a quick stop by the Starlight booth and was excited to get her S4S started. Her desire to make a difference and get involved was infectious and we are so excited to see what she does through her stream.

Learn more about our campaign and how you can get involved. 

Ready to S4S? Help us deliver video games and virtual reality to seriously ill kids and start your Stream For Starlight today by signing up on Tiltify.

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