Stream Heroes for Starlight

Coming together as a community can be extremely powerful. Just ask Calamity_Cat, a Twitch streamer who led a team of 92 crafters in streaming for Starlight!

These Stream Heroes for Starlight united from around the world to help us deliver happiness to seriously ill kids and their families. Last December, they joined us in 12 Days of Streaming and raised more than $29,000!

With over 90 streamers participating, there was something for everyone to watch. Viewers tuned into bladesmith and carpentry streams, Yarnia knitted blankets for some of her lucky supporters, and BlackAppleCosplay even got a Starlight tattoo. With the support of many generous streamers, Calamity_Cat hosted a massive charity auction with all proceeds going to Starlight!

These streamers focus on arts and crafts, and they know what a difference entertainment and play can make in the hospital. They were thrilled to place a brand-new Starlight Gaming station at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas.

Dell Children’s CalamityCat Gaming Station Donation S4S 2021

"I have a number of dear friends who have had children cared for by Dell Children's Medical Center and am grateful for what they have done for the city of Austin,” she said. “I am surrounded by beautiful nieces, nephews, and godchildren. My heart breaks just imagining if they were to ever get seriously ill. Starlight's simple but incredibly powerful mission is moving and impactful.”

Thanks to Stream Heroes for Starlight, patients at Dell Children’s are already enjoying this Gaming station and battling their way through games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Dell Children’s CalamityCat Gaming Station Donation S4S 2021 Kid

“This Starlight Nintendo Gaming station has been such a valuable asset to our emergency department. Patients can have a long stay here with us and it helps provide normalization as well as distraction during procedures. We have even been able to use the station to co-treat siblings who were both experiencing hospitalization together,” said Mackenzie, a Certified Child Life Specialist at Dell Children’s.

Manufactured to meet strict infection safety protocols and roll anywhere in the hospital, health care professionals can use Starlight Gaming stations in the ER, a playroom, a treatment room, and even bedside for a patient in isolation.

Thank you to all the Stream Heroes for Starlight!

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