Life Update from Starlight Kid Edwin Jr.

In 2019, we introduced you to Starlight Kid Edwin Jr., who was treated by our partners at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. He loved Starlight Gaming, which helped distract him from pain while he healed after surgery.

We checked in with Edwin’s family earlier this year to see how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting him.

Edwin Jr. has been busy wrapping up his last year of middle school using remote learning. He's doing well in classes, but he misses hanging out with friends like so many students these days.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, kids across the country can relate. Not only have COVID-19 precautions closed many classrooms, but they have also delayed surgeries for kids like Edwin.

Born prematurely with cerebral palsy, Edwin has had many hospitalizations and four major surgeries to correct his balance and improve his quality of life. Thanks to successful treatment, he's able to walk easier and hold pencils and remote controllers.

Edwin was scheduled to have surgery in 2020 to further improve his balance, but it was postponed until 2021—meaning he won't be recovered by middle school graduation as he had hoped.

"Edwin wants to get the surgery right now and get it over with, but he's concerned about being in a hospital with COVID-19," said his father, Edwin Sr. "We're doing everything possible to keep him safe and sound."

While he and his family stay home and stay safe, Edwin has been immersed in his favorite video games. During his earlier hospitalizations, he loved Starlight Gaming so much that his parents purchased gaming consoles for their home!

"He plays on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. His favorite games are Fortnite and Minecraft," said Edwin Sr.

Gaming truly has the power to entertain and distract, whether you are in the hospital or at your home.

Specifically manufactured to meet strict infection safety protocols, Gaming stations can roll anywhere in the hospital and be easily used to keep hospitalized kids entertained and distracted, especially as many playrooms are closed due to COVID-19.

Just $25 can provide an hour of Starlight Gaming to 25 hospitalized kids.
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