What is National Cancer Survivor Month?

June is National Cancer Survivor Month and is an opportunity for all 16.9 million cancer survivors across the country to celebrate their milestones and recognize those who have supported them along the way. It is also a chance for those who have not been affected by cancer to learn and understand the challenges that accompany survivorship.

Starlight is honored to celebrate this month along with all the incredible Starlight Kids that have faced a cancer diagnosis. We believe that all kids deserve the chance to not only survive but thrive.

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There are estimated to be 270,000 survivors of childhood cancer in the U.S. This means that one in every 640 young adults between ages of 20 to 39 being a survivor of a childhood malignancy, who are now dealing with the long-effects of cancer treatment—like a heart damage, cognitive impairment, growth deficits, and more.

Starlight programs, like Gaming and Virtual Reality, are there for sick kids during their cancer treatments and hospital visits because they provide entertainment and distraction—but they also continue to be used in remission, too. Even after cancer treatment ends, kids and families deal with appointments, testing, fear, and anxiety. Starlight can help in these moments.

We know that surviving childhood cancer is often the first step in a lifelong journey for many survivors. From comfortable Starlight Hospital Gowns to Virtual Reality and Gaming, Starlight will continue to deliver happiness throughout every step of a child’s hospital journey and bringing joy when they need it most.

Join us in celebrating National Cancer Survivor Month by donating today to ensure that a child has access to Starlight programs, whether they are in the hospital for long stays for cancer treatment, follow-up appointments, or testing.

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