Stream For Starlight Resources

Resources to help you Stream For Starlight

Check out the tools and resources below to help your stream for Starlight. We've included S4S talking points, Starlight logos, high-quality photos and videos, overlays, and more!

  1. S4S Quick Start Guide 2023

    Fundraising Quick Start Guide

    The different ways to fundraise for Starlight.

    Fundraising Guide
  2. S4S Streaming Resources 2023

    Streaming Resources

    Overlays and graphics specific for Twitch.

    Overlays and Graphics
  3. S4S Starlight Logos 2023

    Starlight Logos

    Official Starlight logos for your use.

    Download Logos
  1. S4S Promotional Assets 2023

    Promotional Assets

    Key assets for promoting your involvement such as logos, high and low-resolution photos, and talking points.

    Choose Your Assets
  2. S4S Starlight Videos (1)

    Starlight Videos

    Learn more about Starlight and share these videos on your stream.

  3. S4S Talking Points (1)

    Talking Points

    Learn about the impact of each Starlight program with our easy-to-read program one-sheet.

    One Sheet