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Team Starlight

Every mile helps a hospitalized kid smile

When a child becomes hospitalized, their world can feel uncertain and overwhelming. That's why charity runners and passionate supporters join Team Starlight. Whether you walk or run, every mile helps a hospitalized kid smile. Donations help place Starlight programs in our network of 592 hospitals to deliver happiness and empower resilience – improving kids' abilities to cope with challenges.  

For Starlight runner Julie, she's understood first-hand the happiness Starlight programs can bring and runs to give back to help more families like hers. Here is her story. 

Upcoming Events

  • January 11-14, 2024: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend in Anaheim, CA [SOLD OUT]

  • February 22-25, 2024: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Lake Buena Vista, FL [SOLD OUT]

Since 2022, Starlight has been honored to be the official celebrated charity for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Learn more about Starlight’s participation and the impact of the 2023 race weekend! 

Team Starlight Breakfast
Team Starlight Runner Aubrey
Team Starlight Medals

Meet some of our Team Starlight superstars!

  1. Starlight Runner Meghan 4x3
  2. Starlight Runner Lindsey 4x3
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