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Toy Deliveries

Provide a sense of relief through what kids love most - play!

Being in a hospital or facing an illness can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially a child. 

The happiness a simple toy can bring can make a tremendous difference to a patient's well-being. Whether it's sharing a toy with a newfound friend in the hospital or engaging in imaginative play with hospital staff, our Toy Deliveries encourage positive social connections that enable children to process their experience and express their emotions through play. 

“Bringing happiness to our pediatric patients through comfort gifts often reduces their fear of being in a medical environment and helps them be more receptive to necessary medical treatment.”

- Pat Kirkland, Manager, Family Support Services, Wolfson Children's Hospital

Playing with toys allows kids to bring elements of their everyday lives into the hospital setting. Play can also be used as a tool for distraction, education and emotional support to help kids thrive.

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The Impact of Starlight Toy Deliveries

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    Playing with toys has a high therapeutic value and can help children learn and adapt to the hospital setting.

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    Access to books, toys, and games brings children closer to what is familiar and reconnects them to their home life.

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    Toys, books, movies, and arts & crafts provide children a sense of relief from stressful situations through enjoyable, relaxing activities.

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