Starlight Gowns are as Comfortable as Pajamas

Five-year-old Andrew sits up on his hospital bed wearing a Chewbacca Starlight Gown and a grin that spans ear to ear. With that large of a smile, you wouldn’t think that Andrew is going to the hospital every month for chemotherapy.

Andrew wearing his awesome Chewbacca Starlight Gown donated by Star Wars: Force for Change.

“He’s thriving and showing cancer that he’s strong and nothing will stop him,” Brenda, Andrew’s mom, said.

Last year, Brenda noticed Andrew’s feet had a tint of yellow to them. She thought it was a sign of iron deficiency and made an appointment with the doctor. She never expected to find out Andrew has leukemia.

“I’ve read about it happening to other people, but not my family. I never thought this could happen,” Brenda said.

Andrew has a rare form of leukemia that is usually only seen in adults. He has a subtype called Ph-positive and according to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, it’s only seen in 3 percent of children who have leukemia. Andrew started treatment immediately after the results came in.

Because of the aggressiveness of his cancer, Andrew needs 168 weeks of chemotherapy that’ll span three years.

Starlight Comforts and Entertains During Long Hospitalizations

Andrew receives care at Kaiser Permanente in Hollywood, California once a month. It forces him and his mother to be away from his two-year-old sister for days at a time. To help keep his spirits up and pass the time, he plays on the Starlight Fun Center. Our Fun Center comes pre-loaded with all the latest games on the Nintendo Wii U. His favorite is Super Mario Brothers.

And now, Andrew has a few Starlight Gowns, which are soft and comfortable children’s hospital gowns that kids love to wear. Thanks to Star Wars: Force for ChangeAndrew now has a Chewbacca gown and an R2-D2 gown to keep him comfortable during these many hospitalizations.

“He hates the hospital gowns and I always have to bring lots of his pajamas for him to wear instead,” Brenda said. “He loves the Starlight Gowns because they are as soft as his own pajamas.”

Andrew is petite for his age and Brenda likes that the Starlight Gown ties on the side for easy adjustment.

Andrew playing with his LEGOS at home in between hospitalizations.

Starlight Gowns Are With Him Every Step of the Way

Since June of 2017, Andrew has been in remission and there are no cancer cells currently present in his body. Despite this great news, he still needs to continue his scheduled chemotherapy for the rest of the year.

“Every month we go to the hospital, so every month he needs to wear gowns. Thank you, Starlight,” Brenda said.

For $25, you can provide a child, just like Andrew, with a soft, colorful and awesome Starlight Gown. Donate today.

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