Fandom With Purpose Quick Start Guide
Fandom With Purpose Quick Start Guide

Fandom with Purpose Quick Start Guide

Whether it’s dressing up as your favorite characters, hosting an event at your local game store, or having friends over for a Mario Kart tournament, sharing what you love with other passionate fans is a powerful way to heal and celebrate your inner child.  

That’s what Fandom With Purpose is all about — doing what you love, to help bring kids the things and experiences that they love...because happy kids heal faster.

Get started today!

Host an Online Fundraiser 

Visit our Fundraising FAQ for instructions on creating an online fundraising page. Once your page is ready to go, you can share this on social media, invite others to join a fundraising team, and so much more. 

Check out Starlight’s Resource Center for shareable graphics, Starlight Kid stories, and more! 

Make it Competitive  

Fundraising is better together! Join forces with other fans to drive donations through friendly competition. 

  • Tournaments: Organize a game tournament and require a small donation to participate.  

  • Team Fundraising: Set up a team fundraising page, then coordinate with other groups in your fandom and use the team page’s leaderboard to see who can raise the most. 

Fundraise at an Event 

Whether you host an event, have a booth at a convention, or organize a livestream, events are a great way to collect donations in a fun and engaging way. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Raffles: Request donations of $5 or more to purchase raffle tickets. Choose raffle prizes that will excite your fellow fans like gift cards, tickets, toys, collectible items, and more! 

  • Incentives: Offer donors special content, game codes, or other digital items to encourage more donations. 

  • Auctions: Contact a beloved brand, independent artisan, or other individual who may be willing to donate a high value item that you can use for an auction. Please contact our team at to discuss how to host an auction! 

  • Virtual Toy Drive: Ask for donations of $25 to provide a toy, care package, or other fun item through Starlight Toy Deliveries!* 

*Due to health and safety precautions with our hospital partners, we do not recommend traditional toy drives. A virtual toy drive allows Starlight to deliver new, age-appropriate toys that are specifically requested by hospitals. 

Collaborate With a Local Business 

By working with a local business, vendor, or independent seller who shares your passion, you can reach even more people in your community! Ask your local game store, bowling alley, mini golf park, arcade, or other community-favorite establishment to support in one of these ways: 

  • Point of Sale: Donate a portion of product sales during a designated period of time. This is great for seasonal celebrations, fan-driven holidays, or popular retail sale days. 

  • General Donations: Display a sign featuring a QR code linking to your fundraiser at the business or ask for their support in sharing your fundraiser on social media. 

Be a Year-Round Advocate

Do you attend many conventions or social events? Are you a content creator, or a social media manager for a larger fan group? Become an advocate for Starlight’s mission to bring the healing power of play to hospitalized kids!

Check out how these fan groups have used their passion to drive community support for Starlight's mission!

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Not sure how to get started? Have a great idea to discuss?