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When kids are facing hospitalization, a moment of escape through their favorite fandoms can be transformative, helping kids heal through the power of imaginative play. 

Play is a therapeutic tool for kids in hospitals, helping them cope with stress and discomfort while promoting emotional healing and overall well-being. That's why Starlight created Fandom with Purpose, a program for communities to channel their love for iconic worlds and fundraise for programs that promote play for hospitalized kids. 

So, how do you turn your passion into action? Help raise funds to deliver the magic of your favorite stories and franchises to children in hospitals through Starlight programs. Together, we can help kids fuel their imaginations and develop a sense of unity and belonging because happy kids heal faster. 

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Deliver Happiness with Your Fandom

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    Choose How You'll Fundraise

    The options are limitless! We want to help you have the greatest impact on hospitalized kids, so contact our team for support.

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    Set Up Your Fundraiser

    Fundraise solo or rally your group. Create your custom page, set your fundraising goal, and get started.

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    Be a Hero to Sick Kids

    Whether you fundraise online, at conventions, or at your local game store, do something that brings you joy and unites your community.

For just a moment, we can transport hospitalized kids to another universe. They are immediately distracted from their situation when they get to talk to their favorite characters in full costume, or become that character themselves. The magic of the movies is right there in the room.

- Teresa Nuthall, CO of The Dark Empire, 501st Legion PR Officer

Epic Partnerships

In partnership with iconic brands, Starlight delivers programs to hospitals nationwide, helping more than 2 million kids heal through the transformative power of play each year.

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