Bringing a Galaxy of Hope to Hospitalized Kids

A hospitalized child can feel anxious and overwhelmed about their medical treatments. But when kids put on a Star Wars-themed Starlight Hospital Gown, they feel brave and invincible, leading them to better resilience and treatment outcomes.

Children can feel brave during their hospital stay, thanks to fan groups like the 501st Legion and the Galactic Senate. 

This coalition of multiple international Star Wars costume clubs includes the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, Dark Empire, Droid Builders, Galactic Academy, and Saber Guild. 

Star Wars costume clubs have been supporting Starlight for nearly 10 years through hospital visits and fundraising. They have helped raise over $100,000 to provide Starlight programs to hospitals across the country, including Star Wars-themed hospital gowns and pants, toys, care packages, and more. 

But even with their support, there’s still more work to be done.  

There are hundreds of kids across the US who feel isolated, scared, and anxious about hospitalization. A Starlight program gifts children hope, resilience, and a positive outlook in their battle against a serious illness or injury. 

Every child deserves to experience the happiness and hope created by a Starlight program.  

We need your help to make our vision a reality!

The Galactic Senate Makes an Impact

Starlight is proud to work with fan groups like the 501st Legion and the Galactic Senate to channel their enthusiasm, passion, and creativity to deliver happiness to hospitalized kids.  

Together, Starlight and these Star Wars costume clubs have inspired imaginations, distracted from pain, and given comfort to hospitalized kids across the country.

May the 4th 

In celebration of Star Wars Day, May the 4th, club members visited Starlight’s hospital partners to immerse children in the Star Wars universe. Storm troopers and friends like R2-D2 inspired kids’ imaginations and distracted them from the pain of their regular treatments and procedures. 

The Starlight team also handed out Star Wars-themed Starlight Toy Deliveries for children to play with, which helped them process and express their emotions about their medical condition.

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2022 Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA 

In 2022, Starlight was the chosen charity for the Star Wars costume club fundraising challenge at Star Wars Celebration! Clubs fundraised over $30,000 through a light side versus dark side competition, a Sabacc tournament, and a challenge coin auction. 

The money raised delivered Starlight programs to hospitalized kids across the US. Generous donations delivered programs such as Star Wars-themed Starlight Gowns & Pants, which replaced anxiety with comfort as kids saw familiar characters. 

The newest Star Wars-themed gown designs feature iconic Star Wars characters Ahsoka Tano, Chewbacca, Din Djarin with Grogu, R2-D2, and Darth Vader. This new collection also offers character themed pants that provide more coverage, and QR codes printed on the gowns that enable kids to access exclusive digital content. 

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Fundraising for Starlight Across the Galaxy 

Throughout 2023, local clubs fundraised for Starlight at conventions like Comic Con, sharing about the happiness that Star Wars-themed Starlight programs create for hospitalized kids. 

In collaboration with Disney, Starlight delivered Star Wars Care Packages to hospitals. Care Packages included toys, activities, and décor to immerse patients in the Star Wars universe, helping kids replace stress with joy.

Galaxy of Hope Telethon 

In 2023, the costume clubs came together to host the Galaxy of Hope Telethon, which raised over $17,000, and was matched dollar-for-dollar by an anonymous donor.  

The telethon included fan-driven content mixed with calls-to-action for the Star Wars community to deliver happiness to hospitalized kids through Star Wars-themed Starlight programs.

Highlights include an interview with Starlight Kid Amanda, who is in remission from leukemia and is thriving in college, and saber training with Starlight kids led by Galactic Senate members.

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Starlight’s Golden Hero Award Recipient 

To celebrate their many years of delivering happiness to hospitalized kids, the 501st Legion and the Galactic Senate were honored in 2023 with Starlight’s Golden Hero Award.  

We are so grateful to work with passionate fans who channel their creativity to inspire hope and help kids build resilience during their hospital stay!

Preparing for the Next Adventure! 

Moving forward, the Star Wars costume clubs are getting ready for their next adventures with Starlight! 

They are continuing to brainstorm creative ways to engage their network and raise more funds to fulfill Starlight’s mission – delivering happiness to hospitalized kids.

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