Fundraise Your Way and Bring Smiles to Hospitalized Kids!

Mrs. Rowsey’s K-2 class holding a lemonade stand fundraiser for Starlight.

Kindergarteners to second graders at Greenhills School in Missouri didn’t like that their teacher, Mrs. Rowsey, had to go in for chemotherapy treatment. For many, this was their first time learning about cancer. So, they wanted to make a difference for kids who may have to undergo treatment like their teacher. The students held a lemonade stand and raised more than $400 to bring Starlight Gowns to hospitalized kids. 

Fundraisers for Starlight come from all walks of life

Our longtime supporters at LiningUp.Net are passionate movie-goers of all ages that camp outside the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles for days, sometimes weeks before a movie release to raise money for Starlight. They even donate their own money as well as a portion of proceeds of ticket sales to Starlight. Since 1999, they’ve raised thousands of dollars to bring innovative Starlight programs to hospitalized kids.

Sameer Bakhda is one of the founders of LiningUp.Net and also a Medical Director of the Emergency Department at a hospital in Monterey, California.

“I’ve seen Starlight Fun Centers and the Starlight playrooms first-hand. So, it’s a really neat opportunity to indulge my love for movies while supporting a charity that I have actually seen the effect it has on kids,” Sameer said.

There’s no fundraising idea too crazy for Starlight

Alan cycled more than 3600 miles from the east coast to the west coast raising money and awareness for Starlight.

55-year-old Alan biked across the entire United States from New York to San Francisco, averaging 80 miles a day. Before he began, he encouraged family and friends to donate to Starlight and along the route, he struck up conversations with total strangers to tell them about Starlight. After talking to this passionate fundraiser, folks would hand him cash to contribute to his cause!

“Starlight is doing great things for kids and no one can argue with that,” Alan said. “If my grandkids were ever hospitalized, I would love for them to have Starlight in their lives.”

Now it’s even easier to fundraise for Starlight

We’ve just launched a new platform called “Fundraise Your Way,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: you can turn any idea – a party, an event, a contest, a performance, a sports match – you name it – into a fundraiser for Starlight that will help bring smiles to hospitalized kids.

So, if you have an idea, big or small, then let’s get started today. Need a little help brainstorming? Check out this fun list to get those juices flowing!

Get started today on your own fundraiser!

We’ll help you set up and promote your “Fundraise Your Way” page on social media to make it fun and successful. Here are some resources to get you started and frequently asked questions.  

We can’t wait to see your ideas, so get started today! Thank you for helping us bring joy and comfort to hospitalized kids across the US.

Fundraise Your Way


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