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Gift Shop: Coming Soon

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Check back soon for the opening our of new gift shop where you will be able to purchase Starlight gear and merchandise for kids and adults, including items specially designed to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.

Looking for other ways to deliver happiness? Check out the options below where you can donate to a specific program, sponsor a hospital, or fundraise your way.

Hospital Gowns

Provide hospitalized kids with a source of comfort when they are experiencing some of life's hardest moments

Give Comfort
Virtual Reality

Provide hospitalized kids the opportunity to escape from the scary, stressful realities of battling an illness

Give Distraction
VR Hospital Bed
Toy Deliveries

Provide kids with the opportunity to play with their favorite toy, read a beloved book, and more

Give Play
Alexis Baby-Shark

Looking for more ways to give?

Sponsor a Hospital

Provide support to your local hospital or to facilities in need across the country.

Get Started

Bake sales, marathons, or lemonade stands—anything can be a fundraiser!

Start a Fundraiser