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Karter is an outgoing two-year-old that loves going to the beach and boogie boarding with his dad. On June 30, 2016 he was diagnosed with stage IV high-risk amplified neuroblastoma, one of the rarest childhood cancers.

Doctors said Karter only had four months or less to live if he didn’t undergo treatment. The treatment plan was scary, intense and a long process. He needed at least 14 months of treatment, which consisted of 18 weeks of chemotherapy, constant blood transfusions, radiation, bone marrow stem cell transplant, antibody therapies and a surgery to remove a tumor. Chemo treatments took place in the hospital, so Karter was there for weeks at a time.

On Nov. 30, 2016, Karters parents announced on Facebook that he’s is in remission. Doctors say there appears to be no sign of the disease anywhere in his body! Karter’s mother says the journey with cancer is not over yet and the family still has a long road ahead of them.

Karter’s favorite things to do are spending time with family and friends, playing in the water, singing and dancing with his mom, playing with cars and trucks and waiting for the big garbage truck that stops by every few days.

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