Starlight Brave Gown Provides Comfort to Miles During Kidney Transplant

Miles is two-years-old and was born healthy on Aug. 10, 2014. After a month, Miles became sick, but doctors assumed it was acid reflux and treated him with medication. When he was just eight-weeks-old, he had a seizure and his mom rushed him to the emergency room. Blood work showed he was experiencing end-stage kidney failure. He was diagnosed with primary hyperoxaluria a very rare disease, especially in infants.

Miles wearing his explorer gown while getting a few tests done before his kidney transplant.

Miles was immediately put on the transplant list and began dialysis five days a week. He received a new liver in 2016 and underwent a successful kidney transplant early 2017. Before and during his kidney transplant, Miles wore an explorer Starlight Brave Gown. The gown allowed him to be comfortable and his mom told us that he would “explore” the hospital hallways after dinner. Fortunately with these two new organs, Miles will no longer have problems from primary hyperoxaluria, but will depend on anti-rejection medications for life. Miles is all smiles though!

He loves to snuggle with his mom and is brave like his dad who is battling stage IV colon cancer.

If you would like to brighten the lives of seriously ill kids like Miles, please consider donating a Starlight Brave Gown for just $25. You can Give a Gown here and help sick kids feel like superstars.

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