Star Jump Challenge
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Star Jump Challenge

Learn how you can jump for their joy in the 2024 Star Jump Challenge.

Every $35 impacts one hospitalized child. Jump for their joy.

How It Works

  1. Number One

    Sign Up and Set Your Fundraising Goal

    For every $35, you will bring joy to a sick child - transforming their hospital experience. How many kids do you want to impact?

  2. Number Two

    Jump For Joy

    Go solo or recruit a team, then choose how many jumps you will do each day of the challenge, from May 1-21.

  3. Number 3

    Rally Your Community

    Share your fundraising page with your friends and family. Ask them to donate to help you reach your goal of impacting kids at hospitals in your local community.

Ways You Can Jump For Joy #StarJumpChallenge

  1. Starry Jump Rope

    Jumping Rope

  2. Starry Jumping Jacks

    Jumping Jacks

  3. Starry Box Jumps

    Jumping Your Way

Get jumping! Whether you want to jump rope, do jumping jacks, box jumps or jump your way, join the Star Jump Challenge and deliver happiness to sick kids.
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Taking a leap can change everything.

Fundraise and change the life of a hospitalized kid.