12 Days of Streaming Gifted Smiles for Hospitalized Kids

Tis’ the season for giving!  

123 streamers went live during 12 Days of Streaming to give holiday joy and cheer to hospitalized kids across the country. Their charity stream efforts raised $122k for Starlight Children’s Foundation!

Top 3 Teams 

  1. Stream Stars - $68,687.42 

  2. GoodCauseCrusaders - $6,542.24 

  3. Starlight VII Fundraiser - $4,672.69 

Top 3 Individuals

  1. theJANG - $26,625.00 

  2. Amish_Ace - $9,299.69 

  3. blklght - $9,147.53 

During 12 Days of Streaming, streamers and their communities worked together to help kids overcome isolation, anxiety, and fear of missing family traditions as many kids stay in the hospital during the holidays.  

By funding Starlight programs such as Starlight Toy Deliveries and Starlight Gaming Stations and Handhelds, aspects of a child’s everyday life will be brought into their hospital room, replacing stress with comfort. 

Kids can feel better and happier with their loved ones!

Giving Cheer with Purpose

We are beyond grateful for every person’s dedication, commitment, and passion for the cause.  

Hear why AshSaidHi streams for Starlight:

Unwrapping Moments of Joy

Take a look at some special and fun moments from this year's 12 Days of Streaming!


Starlight Streamer, RustyRhymez, and his wife baked a gingerbread army to thank their generous community!

Check out the 12 Days of Streaming highlight reel!

As 2023 comes to an end, we want to give a huge thank you to every person who hosted a charity live stream. 

Thanks to you, kids are able to experience holiday joy and cheer, making them feel better emotionally and mentally.

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