A Star Wars Adventure: Delivering Happiness to Hospitalized Kids

Happy May the 4th! This month, we’re transporting hospitalized kids into galactic systems of imagination and joy.

Read more about how we are collaborating with others to help kids find happiness, bravery, and courage to endure the challenges of hospitalization.

Uniting Fans – Adults and Kids Alike

The 501st Legion and the Galactic Senate, a coalition of multiple international Star Wars costume clubs, will be sending out 15 groups to deliver happiness to hospitalized kids nationwide!  

Members of the fan groups will bring children's favorite characters right to their hospital bedside. Kids are comforted when they are immersed in a familiar world, making the hospital less scary and intimidating.

Read more about the impact the 501st Legion and the Galactic Senate have made on the community. 

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Providing Relief with Disney Deliveries 

When hospital kids are handed a book or toy of their favorite heroes, symptoms of anxiety fade and are replaced by relief. 

That’s why we are collaborating with Disney and Lucasfilm to deliver Star Wars-themed toy bundles to young fans of all ages in our hospital network. The bundles include toys, action figures, accessories, and books of beloved characters from a galaxy far, far away! 

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Instilling Joy with Star Wars-themed Hospital Gowns and Pants 

Newly redesigned Starlight gowns feature the iconic characters Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Ahsoka Tano, and the Mandalorian Din Djarin with Grogu. Read more about our Star Wars-themed Hospital Gowns and Pants here. 

With Star Wars-themed Starlight Hospital Gowns and Pants, hospitalized kids feel courageous and confident, just like the characters they’re wearing. Other kids, like Bella, can find comfort and happiness amidst the emotional challenges of hospitalization. 

Happy Kids Heal Faster: Bella's Story

Uncertainty became a persistent pattern in Bella’s life at the delicate age of 18 months.  Living with epilepsy, Bella experienced so many seizures each day that her family expected her to live in a long-term care facility by age 18. 

Hospital stays became a regular part of their routine. Bella’s parents traveled across the country, admitting Bella at numerous hospitals looking for “something, anything, that would improve her quality of life.”  

At age 8, she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation and had her first brain surgery within the next year. Now 17, she has undergone two more brain surgeries, had her vagus nerve stimulator replaced, and recently had heart surgery. 

Bella’s time in the hospital has taken an emotional toll on her entire family. It is difficult for Bella’s parents to watch her struggle after treatments and procedures. At times, Bella faces anxiety and fear about facing surgery. Other times, she feels anger stemming from missed opportunities at school, outings with friends, and flag football games. 

Moments of happiness, like those created by Star Wars-themed Starlight Hospital Pants empower Bella to stay resilient against tumults of emotions.  

“As a parent, seeing Bella get excited about something while inpatient is an extraordinary experience. So much of her life has been spent in the hospital and seeing her light up after surgery was something amazing for us to see so soon after surgery.” - Isabella, Bella’s mom 

Bella continues to be a true warrior. Her resilient spirit endures every difficulty, frustration and complication. Now getting ready to enter college, Bella hopes to begin a career in Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to organizations that help kids like her. 

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Ignite sparks of joy in hospitalized kids during a time when they need it most.  

With you, we can empower kids to find relief, happiness, and comfort in something they love most. 

Learn more about our Star Wars collaboration and how you can help deliver happiness!
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